G Data CloudSecurity : Protects from malicious websites

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Nowadays all security vendors are into cloud technology, G Data CloudSecurity is another security tool for web-browsers that ultilizes cloud technology to quickly block access to malicious websites in realtime.

The majority of computer malware is distributed via the Internet today. However, users of free security solutions are often inadequately protected against these threat. This means that infected websites can quickly become a risk and cause damage to the PC, so there should be a tool to quickly avert these websites at browser level.

G Data CloudSecurity is a free browser plug-in designed blocking phishing sites and websites contaminated with malware. The plug-in can be used with Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer and is compatible with all security products.

G Data CloudSecurity
Installing the addon is just a click and go,but you should close IE & Firefox before installation, then after installing the addon it will appear in the browser toolbar and works in the background. When a user visits a malicious webpage, it will display highly visible warning message. But it will not provide information why a specific site is blocked or marked as malicious site.

Key Features of G Data CloudSecurity :

  1. Compatible with all other security products
  2. Prevents access to malware and phishing websites
  3. Install once – no updates required
  4. PC performance remains unaffected
  5. deal supplement for free AV programs

Download : G Data CloudSecurity [6 MB]

CloudSecurity is Compatible with IE 6,7,8,9,10 and Firefox Version 3.0.* to 3.6.* & support for version 4.0 is planned.


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