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FreeRinger:Make free calls from Pc to Phone(fixed or mobile)

Last month(oct 19th) we introduced EvaPhone which allows free calls around the world!
Well FreeRinger offers the same service but only to 30 countries,sadly India is not included,but i requested them(talkster) to include India,you can also request here if your country not listed those 30 countries list.

FreeRinger which basically hijacks into Talkster’s Free international calling platform.The only difference difference between FreeRinger and Talkster is the caller now is not tied to the Phone.

Talkster needs you to use their service via Phone but now FreeRinger allows you to bypass the Talkster gateway and connect directly to your party. However the rest of the communication is still carried on the Talkster platform that means the other party still needs to call into talkster to be connected to your call.

Free Ringer as a good altenative if you are already using Talkster and confortable with their platform and the way they work. FreeRinger is powered by Gtalk2VOIP and Talkster.

Technical side, everything happens via a small Flash interface that will interact with your microphone, FreeRinger is also available as a widget that so bloggers and web designers can offer the FreeRinger long distance and international calling service to their sites’ readers and customers. A special hyperlink makes placing calls from FreeRinger as simple as a click from a webpage.

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