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Free Skype Premium for one month

Skype is one of the essential and most popular app on your desktop and mobile devices, to get in contact with relatives and friends staying abroad.This VOIP based app is mainly popular because it allows you to make free video phone calls or cheap phone calls, from anywhere in the world, you can make unlimited and totally free calls to anyone in the world.

If you are using Skype free version, then you must try Skype premium, which provides enhanced features including group video calling and saves your money. Now for a limited time period, for this holiday season Microsoft is offering Skype Premium ($10 worth) free for a month, so try out the premium service and get a one month of unlimited calls and group video calls for free from Skype.

What is Skype Premium ?

Skype Premium is an enhanced version of the free VoIP service that removes some of the restrictions. It allows unlimited free calls to other phones in a country and provides group video calling,all for $9.99 for a month.

What Skype Premium Offers ?

1.Free unlimited Phone calls :
Provides unlimited worldwide calls to landline phones (Supports over 40 countries) and mobile phones in 7 countries, including the United States and Canada.

2.Make group video calls:
Free Group video calling between more than two persons in a call, supports up to a maximum of 10 persons.It’s a perfect way to gather the family for face-to-face catch ups or get together with friends anywhere in the world.

3.Group screen sharing:
Free screen sharing along with voice and video chat, this feature allows you to share pictures, snaps, presentations and other stuff that show on the screen.

4.No ads
5.Live customer support through chat.

Get free Skype premium for one month

1. First visit this Promo pageclick on “Get started” button,then login to your account.
2.Next you need to provide credit card details or choose Pay with “Paypal” option, they use this details for verification purpose.

Note: They will charge $1 from your Paypal account for verification purpose, but don’t worry they won’t actually take this amount.

3.Check  “Terms of service” box, then click “Next” button on 30 day free trail page and complete the process.

Note :
If you want to cancel this subscription ,Simply visit your Skype account within the first 27 days of the trial to prevent your credit card or Paypal account charged for next month.

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