Free Rs100 Mobile Top-Up or recharge

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Yes, If you are living in India, now you can get free Rs.100 Mobile Top-Up or recharge , just by installing  SPM (SmartPhoneMate) Android app from Google store on your smart phone.If you are living in U.S, you can get free $3 Amazon Coupon for running this app on your Android smart phone.

SPM or SmartPhoneMate Mobile Research, is a research firm  studying how people use smartphones. They will  pay you Rs.100 free Mobile Topup  or $3 amazon coupon every month for sharing  how you use your phone or how you use your Android Tablet .

SPM FREE Rs100 Mobile Topup

Install the app on your android device and it  will collect information from your smartphone by silently running in the background. SPM app will collect mobile usage behavior like number of calls/sms made/received, websites visited, time spent on listening to music, time spent on browsing etc. are captured for study and aggregated with other similar usage reports for study & research purposes. No personal information such as phone number, images ,videos , will be collected & it will not impinge on your privacy in any way.

SmartPhoneMate Mobile is available for both Android smart phones and Android tablets, however tablet users have to post the collected data manually by clicking on post data at least 3 times daily.
ELIGIBILITY – Citizens of INDIA & US only.


INDIA – FREE Rs.100 Mobile TopUp (
U.S. – FREE USD $3 Amazon Coupons (
Payable every month for successful participation and subject to Terms & Conditions given below
 Terms & Conditions:
1. You need to have active Data plan / GPRS throughout the participation period.
2. SmartPhoneMate App must be active on your mobile for 20+ days in a calendar month.
3. Restart your mobile twice daily to make sure that SmartPhoneMate App is active.
4. Participants must enter correct and complete details during registration & take part in a Monthly Survey.
5.Participants must not change SIM / handset
6. Participants must share their complete & correct demographic profile.
7. Active participation implies sending notifications to their server 4 times daily for at least 20 days in a calendar month.
8. Participation is calculated on a calendar month basis and TopUps are processed in the first 2 weeks on the next month.

So,if you are willing to share your mobile activity and do the recommend conditions, they you can install app this app from Google store, otherwise skip it.

Download: SPM app for Android smart phones.
Download :SPM app for Android Tablets.