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Free PC Games Alert: Surviving the Aftermath and EARTHLOCK

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Get ready for some gaming excitement! Surviving the Aftermath and EARTHLOCK are now free on the Epic Games Store until November 23.

Dive into post-apocalyptic worlds, rebuild civilizations, and face formidable challenges–all for free! Don’t miss out on these captivating titles during this week’s Epic Games Store giveaway.

Surviving the Aftermath: A Post-Apocalyptic Challenge

This is a management game set in a post-apocalyptic world. Developed by Iceflake Studios, this game challenges players to build a colony for humans in an inhospitable environment.

The game follows the general philosophy of its predecessor, ‘Surviving Mars’, but with a twist – we’re back on Earth.

Surviving the Aftermath Game Play

In this game, you find yourself in the aftermath of a devastating global catastrophe. As one of the few survivors, it’s up to you to establish a new settlement, gather resources, and manage your growing community.

Construct buildings, cultivate crops, and explore the remnants of a once-thriving world. Along the way, you’ll encounter other survivors, some friendly, some hostile, all vying for survival in this harsh new reality.

Key Features:

  • Strategic Survival: Balance resource management, community building, and exploration to ensure your survival.
  • Engaging Narrative: Uncover the secrets of the apocalypse through an interesting story filled with intrigue and moral dilemmas.
  • Dynamic World: Explore a procedurally generated world with unique challenges and opportunities.


EARTHLOCK: An Adventure RPG with a Twist

EARTHLOCK is a cool RPG by Snowcastle Games, inspired by classic 3D RPGs from the late ’90s. It brings a new twist to turn-based combat and character progression.


This game takes you on an interstellar journey to a distant planet teetering on the brink of destruction. You assume the role of Amber, a young woman tasked with saving the planet from a deadly cosmic event.

Gather a crew of eccentric companions, each with their unique abilities, and embark on a perilous quest to restore balance to EARTHLOCK.

Key Features:

  • Turn-Based Combat: Engage in strategic turn-based battles, using your crew’s diverse skills and abilities to overcome formidable foes.
  • Exploration and Discovery: Uncover the mysteries of EARTHLOCK as you traverse its diverse landscapes, from lush forests to desolate wastelands.
  • Character-Driven Narrative: Forge meaningful relationships with your crewmates and unravel their personal stories as you strive to save the planet.

How to Claim?

To claim these PC games, simply visit the below Epic Games Store links and add the titles to their library. Once added, the games are theirs to keep and enjoy at their leisure.

Surviving the Aftermath:



Explore new games and broaden your gaming horizons with the Epic Games Store’s weekly freebies. Grab “EARTHLOCK” and “Surviving the Aftermath” for free now and enhance your gaming collection. Don’t miss out on these exciting adventures!

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