Previously (on Mar 22) we shared a promotional offer about how to get Free 90 Days Avira Premium Security Suite License Key.This promotional offer was expired on 17 May 2009. So today we are sharing another Avira Promotional offer set by “UBISOFT,”where we can get Free 92 Days Avira Premium Security Suite License Key.

About Avira Premium Security Suite :

The Avira Premium Security Suite does a great job of detecting malicious software,It offers you numerous additional features over the virus protection offered in the AntiVir Premium Edition. In addition to AntiVir Premium, the Suite includes an integrated firewall that wards off attacks such as DoS attacks (Denial of Service attacks) or port scans, spam filtering to help you manage the complex attacks on your mail box and a backup function to ensure the safety of your data. Version 9 adds a new Parental Controls Module, which blocks websites unsuitable for children and adolescents.


How to Grab Free Avira Premium Security Suite License Key

1. Visit this promotional page license.avira(click here) set by UBISOFT

2..Now fill the form by entering your Salutation,First & last Name, E-Mail, country and click “Request License” button.

3.Now Check the email that you received from Avira , download the attachment file i.e your license (HBEDV.KEY) and store it on your PC. You will be prompted to import the license during the installation of your Avira product.

4.Download Avira Premium Security Suite from this link http://free-av.com/(click here)

5.Now Install it ,When Avira prompt for a license key, select the ‘I already have a valid HBEDV.KEY license key’. A new dialog box will appear requesting for the location of the license file emailed to you. Locate and then proceed with installation