Free 90 Days ESET Smart Security 4 License

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ESET Smart Security 4 is a comprehensive security suite which will protect your computer from viruses, spyware and other online threats. ESET Smart Security 4 has been improved a lot on the security features and turn into lightweight security program combines a simple interface with lots of manual controls.

Here is a promotional offer set by PC world which will give you 90 days or 3 months ESET Smart Security 4 full version License for free,Thanks Murphy.


How to get ESET Smart Security 4 License for free ?

  1. First visit this web page ,then enter this promo code “PCW1-orld12z9” and click on Dalej button
  2. Now enter your full name ( name + surname , eg: Ramakanth reddy), email address & click on Dalej button

  3. Now you will be forwarded to another web page, again enter your email ID & click on
    button, then you will be forwarded another web page, now click on Zakoncz button.

  4. Within in 5 minutes you will receive your ESET Smart Security 4 License code & other details.
  5. Now download installation file from this link with your license code details by clicking on “Take me to my Downloads”.


  • This promo will provide 3 months license (i.e from 2009-11-19 to 2010-02-19)
  • These type of promos will expire quickly & this license code will also works on ESET NOD32 antivirus.
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    Thanks Murphy[source]

    1. is not working i get this
      Rejestracja dla czytelników “PC World”
      Licencja na ESET Smart Security dla 1 stacji roboczejLicencja ważna do: 2010-03-26wersja dla czytelników “PC World”
      Ten serwis nie jest dostępny dla Twojego regionu. Jeżeli przebywasz w Polsce skontaktuj się z działem pomocy technicznej Eset w Polsce pod numerem telefonu (032) 259 11 88.

    2. It’s not workin’. After I click on DALEJ button this happen : Ten numer seryjny został już zarejestrowany.
      Help, please.

    3. I did translation of the sentence : This serial number has been incorporated already.
      So what now?