Free 6 months eScan Anti-Virus License key

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eScan Anti-virus
Today we are sharing another Anti-virus Promotional offer set by “PC ADVISOR,”where you will get free 6 months genuine license key for “eScan Anti-Virus .”

About eScan Anti-Virus :
There are giants like Kaspersky, Norton and MacAfee who are involved in providing dedicated network security to all those who need it the most. The average home user would say, I want something that’s simple and efficient protecton. This gives birth to eScan Anti-virus,a tool kit utility from Microworld is such software, which promises to give basic protection against virus attacks.

eScan AntiVirus is a comprehensive virus protection solution designed and developed to protect personal computers from threats like Viruses, Spyware, Adware, Malware, Keyloggers and Hackers. The interface is very simple and perhaps too basic; it lacks the “feel good” factor. Personally speaking, the interface has become a vital part of any software and any negligence towards the interface is unforgivable.


Steps to Get free eScan Anti-virus key

1. Visit this Promotional page here),set by PC ADVISOR.
2.Now fill the form by entering your email address,first & last name ,(Don’t change country ), choose “Home use” box and finally click “Proceed and receive your serial codes” button
3.Now you”ll will be redirected to a page where your license will be displayed as shown in below image,also you will receive a email with license info.
4.Now Download software from Bluesquad website(click here) or link displayed above the license key
5.After installation enter your license key to register and unlock the trail version

However the promotion is for a little older version, but you should get regular update.


My view :

The small size of download, the simple interface and fast virus scanning is a big plus for anyone looking for a quick scan. I would conveniently give this one a skip, so unless you fall in love with the name “eScan” or free License key.I don’t see any other reason to download this one. Till then, happy free Anti-virus hunting!

  1. Hi Ramakanth,

    I have grabbed this as well! Just would like to clear a query here:

    Will this 6 months license key start functioning from the day eScan software has been downloaded or from the day this serial key will be started to use?


    1. @Apoorva M.sheth:
      ha, I’m glad that at-last you got a security product, well they are sending same license key to all, so don’t worry about the time period . In short the key will be activated at the time of Installation only.

  2. heyoo peeps i’ve purchased dis anti-virus a few dayzz ago n now its saying dat ive entered an invalid key …plzz help me out wif dis as soon as possible . thank u.

  3. this is awesome anti-virus software that i ever used.pls send me product key for that.i used e-scan 10…thankz in advance

  4. respected sponcer

    please send key me e-mail id
    e’scan AV windows (11.0.1139.696.db)

  5. please send me the key of escan 10.0.997.491 DB
    Key its urgent & gautam or hussnain yours key gives not respons please send again

  6. Thank U 4 E-scan Internetsecurity Product(FJHQ-GQIK-HKWH-HNHK-GKSK-BNGJ-PEPP-ND) key Provied me .