Free 6 months Bitdefender Internet Security 2009 License(updated)

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Previously (on Oct 28) we shared Free 4 months BIS 2009 License promotional offer,that promotional offer got expired. Today we are sharing a promotional offer set by PC Magazine,which will give you free 6months Universal Genuine License Key for Bitdefender Internet Security 2009.

Note: This key also works in BitDefender Total Security 2010

About Bitdefender Internet Security 2009:
BitDefender Total Security 2009 provides comprehensive proactive protection against all Internet security threats, along with system maintenance and backup, without slowing down your PCs

BitDefender Total Security 2009 Features:

  • Scans all web, e-mail and instant messaging traffic for viruses and spyware, in real-time
  • Proactively protects against new virus outbreaks using advanced heuristics
  • Blocks attempted identity theft (phishing)
  • Prevents personal information from leaking via e-mail, web or instant messaging
  • Instant Messaging Encryption
  • File Vault securely stores personal information or sensitive files
  • Backs up files and folders locally
  • Provides secure on-line storage
  • Automatically modifies firewall protection settings to suit location
  • Wi-Fi monitor helps prevent unauthorized access to your Wi-Fi network
  • Blocks access to inappropriate websites and e-mail
  • Schedules and limits kids’ access to Internet and to applications
  • Reduces the system load and avoids requesting user interaction during games
  • Uses few system resources
  • Laptop mode prolongs battery life
  • Removes unnecessary duplicates of files and registry entries
  • Irrecoverably erases unwanted files and “traces” of files
  • The normal price for BitDefender Total Security 2009 is $69.95 for one year per PC.


    How to Grab free 180 days BIS 2009

    Step 1 :

    First visit this German proxy and  enter this promotional link at Proxy-Service website and click GO.

    Update: Now use this proxy

    You should get following key “BB7798E9A1E6E5B1E044″

    Step 2 :
    Now fill the form by entering your Name, email address and click on “registrieren” button,then you will see the thanking message

    Step 3 :
    Now check your email,you should receive an email from BitDefender ([email protected]) with the subject BitDefender Total Security 180 -Tage Testversion. Copy the 20 digit license key which will be in Bold letters.

    Note: I think this license key “BB7798E9A1E6E5B1E044” that I received is common for all ,so use it if your unable to register and get a key

    Step 4 :

    Now Download the latest version of BitDefender Internet Security 2009 from here

    BitDefender Internet Security 2009 32bit

    BitDefender Internet Security 2009 64bit

    Step 5 :
    Install it, after installation Select “I want to register the product with a new key”, enter the 20 digit license key and click Next button.

    1. Thank You so much for the heads up on the 180 day BitDefender Internet Security Lic. Very Cool !