Free 36 Months Norman Internet Control license

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Actually I was googling about Norman Virus Control free license offer posted by sujay in our forums and accidentally got through this free offer via docstoc site, thanks to Jun wang.

This free license offer is set for Fujitsu Siemens Computers, which will provide 36 months or 3 years Norman Internet Control license

About Norman Internet Control :
Norman Internet Control is a program package which consists of one of the most award-winning antivirus products, Norman Virus Control, and Norman Personal Firewall, which protects your computer against attacks from the network and the Internet.

More Info in the Document:

Fujitsu Siemens Computers Security Pack


How to get the license code?

  • Firrst visit this web page
  • Now fill the form by entering your name, email address, country and use “FS10003” as OEM code.
  • Instantly you will receive  license or authentication key from “Norman web
  • Download the installation file from here(English version) and for other language version check this page
  • Norman Internet Control is not compatible with windows 7
  • Update: This key works on Norman Antivirus & Antispyware 7.3,for more info check this page
    Note : I didn’t install or tested this product and norman recommends this product users to upgrade to Norman Security Suite.

    1. Thanks for the original link Ramakanth.. I didn’t find the link to download Norman Personal Firewall that comes free with it. From the mail I got from Norman, they said
      “As a customer of Fujitsu Siemens Computers you have the possibility to download and use the more advanced and comprehensive personal firewall, Norman Personal Firewall. Norman Personal Firewall has extra functionalities in addition to the basic functions that you already have with Microsoft Windows Personal Firewall.
      Downloading and use of Norman Personal Firewall is free. It is done on your own responsibility and it is not included in the support agreement.
      To download Norman Personal Firewall use the following link:

      But that link did not work.

      Can u please help…

    2. High Ramakanth,Are companies like Kaspersky and Norton not offering any of their good products free for sometime.It seems that they are turning into companies with mean bones.

    3. Ramakanth,
      Thanks for the news!

      The key fit for Norman Antivirus & Antispyware 7.3 or Security Suite 7.3?

    4. I got a free kapersky IS 2010 licence for a year and 2009 IS only about a month ago.They’ve had a few giveaways.U must be looking in the wrong place.They’re over now.

    5. @ sujay:

      are you talking about norman personal firewall download link
      Select “Norman Security Suite – Personal Firewall”.


      It say’s Norman internet control = Norman antivirus +firewall.

      I will test whether key is suitable with other proucts.


      We too share several KIS giveaway’s, you can search the blog,  none of the offers are not working now.


      check this link , may this will be useful for you

    6. Key works when u install firewall too in security suite….So both antivirus and antispyware feature as well as firewall feature is working gr8…… Thanks.

    7. yep _got that…….get a good free firewall PC Tools Firewall Plus.

      I've used the Norman Security Suite 7.3 and its Firewall continually begs you to accept or deny access to programmes to the net.

      Norman's Firewall doesn't learn responses.

      PC Tools one is perfect fit beside , it learns and you can undo