Giveaway 3: Free 35 Genuine Norton IS 2010 License Valid For 180 days

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From Previous NIS 2010 promo we collected  35 Norton Internet security 2010 License codes, since Norton is blocking all proxy’s for that promo, we decided to Give those keys to Techno360 readers through our Third Giveaway offer/Contest.

This time we decided to give weightage to our 750 active feed subscribers, so 20 keys are allotted to our active feed subscribers and the rest 15 license codes are allotted for newcomers (subscribers).These License codes will provide 6 months Norton Internet security 2010 protection for free .

To get the NIS 2010 License follow below rules,
Contest rules:

  1. Subscribe to our Blog Feed via Email(click here) or if you are already a subscriber then Tweet this post
  2. Tweet this post (optional), then write a  short comment in this post.
  3. Winners of this giveaway are generated with the help of
  4. Giveaway offer ends on 6/11/09 and Winners will be announced on 07/11/09


  1. Firs of all thank you very much
    I am your site’s new member and I want to have a license for NIS.

  2. Would love to try the 2010 version, now that Symantec is striving to improve their security products with better memory & CPU management. When I installed the 2004 version on my laptop, it was like installing Vista on a Pentium-based PC.

  3. Hello. I’m new here and found that this is a great website for the required software.. I hope to get 1 key and try out NIS 2010.
    thank you…

  4. Hello, did all the above email and tweet plus I already have rss feeds so pls include me in this contest. thanks

  5. Who really need license KIS please PM me!
    I have some Key license 1 year KIS, anyone help me Sign Up lockerz. I will send Key for u!
    Email me ur email, I will Invite u Join Lockerz, I’ll send key if u join. That’s all.
    U can check site Lockerz by Gooling!
    My email :
    SR if my comment dun correctly

  6. Generous are those who assist people for making their life easy and does a great job in informing less informed people about offers of good softwares that are thown away only for a selected few.

  7. Good job rakamth, hope I win this though:) haha remember the last time how i mentioned u to blur out the names?

  8. hello  nice things is going on techno360.its gives best and thanks for giving this . i hope i selected.

  9. Dear Team360!
    I would like to request a license.
    Thank You for this cool giveaway, You are amazing!
    King Regards,
    Ágoston Tordai

  10. Rama, add me in the list,Nice going, you said you will a forum to this website,when are you going to launch?,what abt ur exams, how many exams are left now?

  11. nice blog  yaa, i heard ur blog from kavya, well i’m not here for a key, i tried to contact you in Orkut,no reply busy with exams, anyway best of  luck  for ur exams.

  12. Thank you so much for the giveaway offer, i wish i’ll be lucky enough to get this coz i m genuinely in need of NIS security suite.