Free $ 29.95 worth O&O CleverCache 6 Professional License

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Another Promotional offer from O&O products,as we don’t have enough time, for past few days we are not posting other topics other than freebies.we will continue our work after 29th of this month as we will finish our final semester exams.

OK here is a promotional offer that will give you $29.95 worth free License for O&O CleverCache 6 Professional software.

What is O&O CleverCache 6 Professional ?
O&O CleverCache 6 Professional is a unique tool that optimizes the File Cache Management for Windows Vista, NT, 2000 and Windows XP. This results in an enormous increase in performance boosting a system’s performance at times to up to twice its original speed.

Start it and forget it is the theme as O&O CleverCache Professional Edition opens and quickly configures its optimal settings for your cache and memory utilization. As this is an art and not a science, the application makes it easy for advanced users to alter cache size, free memory recovery, and other settings.

How well it works depends on your system. The big advantage of this program over others is the simple method to create profiles. When you find the precise group of settings for your system, you can easily save them to a profile. Change your needs and quickly save another profile. It takes only a second to switch profiles when you switch your system’s role.

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How to Grab FREE O&O CleverCache 6 Pro License ?

1.Visit this Promotional page here)

2.Now fill compulsory fields in the form like salutation,name(first & last),email address(valid), address..e.t.c and click “Submit” Button.

3.Now you will receive a email from “O&O Register ” containing your O&O CleverCache 6 Pro Registration Code or License.
Note:The Response from “O&O Register” is late,so please be patient.

4.To download installation file visit this link here), then enter your email address and License code that you received.

5. Now download O&O CleverCache 6 Pro, Run the installer and enter THE EXACT NAME, COMPANY and License code from the email received from O&O without quotation marks.
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