Free $29 worth O&O UnErase V2 License

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Today we are sharing a promotional offer of a software utility that makes the restoration of deleted data.It is called “O&O UnErase,”where we can get it’s version2 license for Free. Although current version is -v4 ($29.95),the main difference between v2 and v4 is, V4 is compatible with vista.

About O&O UnErase V2
No matter how careful you are, you have probably deleted computer files by accident at some point. Luckily there are programs like O&O UnErase to help you.This tool takes advantage of the fact that the system doesn’t really erase a file when you delete it, even when you erase from the Recycle Bin. It simply marks the disk space used by the file up to that moment as free again, but the file still remains there.

O&O UnErase analyzes your hard drive and finds those “deleted” files and gives you the chance to recover them .
No matter where is the deleted files located, be it hard disk drives, removable media, floppy drives, memory cards or digital cameras. The original file name and directory structure are also restored as if nothing had been deleted in the first place.


O&O UnErase reinstates data security when it appears to be too late. It is easy to use and works on systems operating with Windows NT, Windows 2000, or Windows XP. Any time the user accidentally deletes important files that haven’t been backed up, O&O UnErase can be used to search the hard disks quickly and recover the data.

Steps to Get Free O&O UnErase V2 License

1. First Visit this Special Registration Page(click here)

2.Now fill compulsory fields in the form like salutation,name(first & last),email, address..e.t.c and
click “Submit” Button.
3.Now you will receive a email from “O&O Register ” containing your O&O Registration Code or License.

Note:The Response from “O&O Register” is late,I got the license info email from them after 24 hours of please be patient.
4.Now Download the software from  O&O Archive Software page, or use the direct download link  O&O UnErase 2 .exe(click here).

5.Install the software and unlock the trail version with your licence key.