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Free $249 worth Concept Draw 7 Professional License

 Concept Draw 7 Professional

Yesterday(APR 28) we posted about how to get $ 199 worth free ConceptDraw PROJECT 4 License,today we are with another offer that will give you $249 worth free Concept Draw 7 Professional License.

About Concept Draw 7 Professional :
ConceptDraw 7 is a general purpose business illustration tool, intended for professional flowcharting and diagramming.

Its flexible, handy tools help quickly document a variety of complex structures, systems and processes. Charts can be shared as a large array of graphic files and CAD documents, presentations and web pages.

If you work across operating systems, you’ll be pleased to find that ConceptDraw 7 is a true Windows and Macintosh product. All documents and libraries are 100% compatible, so if you design on a Mac, you can import your diagram to the Windows edition.


The software also puts a lot of focus on Web publishing with a powerful HTML export feature which helps you make Web-pages based on ready made templates. It also boasts of a Scalable Vector Graphics export feature which means that your illustrations can be viewed and scaled in any Web browser.

ConceptDraw 7 has been designed for usability and apart from Web-pages and flowcharts, can also be used to create organization diagrams and technical drawings, anything from building plans to electrical diagrams. You can do this with the help of the more than 5,000 shapes that exist within the tool’s library.

You can access these shapes through a very simple drag and drop menu which replaces the regular select and draw feature that are present in other illustration software. You can also create custom properties for shapes and then use those shapes as a visible database where your data gets stored for your reports. These shapes can be further supplemented with menus, links to other items and files.

The software is also easy to use in terms of compatibility since it can save files as CAD, graphics formats, presentations and web-pages.

Steps to get free Concept Draw 7 Professional License

1. First visit this promotional Page here).

2.Now fill the form by entering your first & last name, email address—e.t.c

Note :Just enter your name and email address,the rest of information is not necessary

3. Now click ” Register” button,then your license will be displayed automatically as shown in below image,also you will receive a email with license info.

4. Now Download the software from below links
ConceptDraw7 pro for Windows: or
ConceptDraw 7 pro for Mac OS X :

5. After installation enter your license key to register and unlock the program from 30-day evaluation state to full version

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