Free 180 days McAfee SiteAdvisor Plus license

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Here is a promo for another McAfee  security product set by ebay, which will give you 6 Months McAfee SiteAdvisor Plus license for Free.

About McAfee SiteAdvisor Plus:

McAfee SiteAdvisor helps protect you from all kinds of Web-based security threats including spyware, adware, spam, viruses, browser exploits, phishing, online fraud and identity theft. Our automated testers continually patrol the Web to browse sites, download files, and sign-up for things with e-mail addresses. As you search, browse, download or register online, SiteAdvisor’s safety ratings help you stay safe and in control

Product Features

  • Real-time comprehensive protection from web sites that can compromise your identity and your PC
  • Anti-phishing–Alerts you to web sites that may try to steal your identity
  • Prevents you from going to unsafe sites through your browser, email, or instant message
  • Continuous and automatic updates keep you a step ahead of ever-evolving online threats
  • Fast and easy to install and use
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    How to grab McAfee SiteAdvisor Plus license for free?

    1. First visit this link  and click on “Download Now” button.
    2. Now create an account by entering required fields in the form,if you have already created an account just login to your account.
    3.After account creation you will see payment order conformation page,then click on Go to my account tab and then click on download button to get your 180 days free license software.

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