Free 180 Days McAfee Internet Security 2010 License

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Today we are sharing another Mcafee promo set by Facebook, which will give you 6 Months or 180 Days ($34.99 worth) McAfee Internet Security 2010 license for free.

About McAfee Internet Security 2010
McAfee Internet Security Suite 2010 is a security software suite that protects what you value, your identity and your computer from viruses, spyware, email and IM scams, hackers and online predators, and provides automated backup for important files. Surf the web, shop, bank, email, instant message, and download files with confidence.


Promo Details

  1. First visit this promotional webpage and click on “Get Started now” button
  2. Now fill the form by entering required fields (name,email) in the form and click submit button
  3. Note: If you already have an Mcafee account, then just login to account, visit above promo link

  4. Update: This is procedure is removed
    Now you will be forwarded to billing page, first select your country then enter required fields in the form like address,credit card..
  5. Note: Your credit card will not be charged for this, but If you don’t want the risk then select the  Master card,choose any expiration date & year and use the fake credit card number mentioned in our forum

  6. That’s it, next is downloading and installing the software

  1. Dear Mr. Ramakanth,

    Hi There! Well, FINALLY I managed to get one security product for period of 6 months free!!! I am well in time over here as opposed to last few visits when I always happened to be late…and missed out on either 1 year or 6 months free license keys….you see!

    But I have one question to ask here:

    Is it ok to enter such Fake Credit Card numbers though our intention is only to obtain 6 months free license for free?


    1. @Apoorva M.seth:

      yes, don’t worry about fake credit card, since Mcafee only need an apt credit card number to give you license code,but it will not check any further details.

      one thing this fake credit card number also rescues you from automatic License Renewal.

    1. @Dayreck:
      It will not provide a key , you have to click Download & download the installation file , which will have 180 days integrated license activation.