Free 100 years DefenseWall HIPS 2.56 License

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DefenseWall HIPS 2.56

I Bet You Guys Think I’m Kidding!!!

Well, this is a Gizmo’s giveaway, where you can get 100 years (Lifetime) DefenseWall HIPS 2.56 full version License for free. Normally it costs around $29 or ₨1,479.01, but you can get this for free with this Giveaway.

About DefenseWall HIPS
Softsphere’s DefenseWall HIPS is a host intrusion prevention system (HIPS) that protects your computer from all threats including zero day exploits.Unlike other security solutions it requires no regular database updates. Instead, it simply blocks all attempts by the malicious software (malware) to do anything harmful to your computer.

Normally most of the anti-virus and anti-spyware protects you from known malicious software according to their database, which will be updated daily. But your PC is unprotected from new viruses, spyware, rootkits and other intruders, zero-day exploits,untill they update their database to prevent those exploits.

DefenseWall HIPS plugs that hole in your security by preventing anything that gets past your anti-virus or anti-spyware from doing anything harmful.

The DefenseWall HIPS program license is Lifetime,but without support or free upgrades.

For Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista/7 32-bit.


Promo details:

  1. First visit gizomo webpage and download the file
  2. Extract the zip file,it will have 2 files, install the software from setup file and restart your PC
  3. Now click “Enter code” button ,then select .dwu file  from extracted zip file (step 2) and now you will see a “registration successful” conformation.

Note: This promo will expire on Sunday 13 December 2009 ,2.00 PM(PST).

Thanks to Gizmo.

  1. Ramakanth, can i activate later with this licence. Suppose if i have to reformat my pc at a later time..

  2. Hai, Ramakanth, just curiuos areDefensewalls Hips vs Comodo defense plus  the same programs?
    which one is better?
    I’m using PCtools Internet security 2010 which I downloaded according your post (thanks Ramakanth).
    Should I choose Defensewalls Hips or Returnil virtual system Home Lux 2010, to complete my security system ? 
    Thanks in advance. 

  3. @Hans: There is difference between pctools IS(or any IS)  and RVS, according to their data it doesn’t prevent u from any attacks, it runs your PC in a virtual environment, so any attacks will be carried on that virtual PC, so once u restart ur pc it wipes all that changes.

    Coming to comodo  and Defensewalls Hips, it depends on your usage(net). I go for Defensewalls Hips.

    If you wait for few days, you can see a KIS 2010 promo in Techno360.

  4. Thanks for your answer Ramakanth. But how will you rate this among typical HIPS softwares like Threatfire, Mamutu & GesWall. Right now I am using Mamutu which i got from that promo offer. The main problem with Mamutu is that it crashes too often. I am afraid if Defense Wall is any good.

  5. Had many strange thing happen after I installed this software, running much better now that i removed it. Had my Opera and Outlook flagged and I lost total control over what they did.

  6. thanks Ramakanth for the upload.
    i have a problem,the hash values of your upload did not matched with the hash values of the official gizmo offer page

    File size: 3374677 bytes
    MD5:   de15f644910b78677c8cfe6478c0d78a
    SHA1: 092f1ea0235de26faab2b6de1ad38f06b7e64e1a
    whats the issue if you have the untouched version can you please upload it to mediafire