Free 1 year .com Domain

Posted by is currently offering any available .com domains free for 1 year and after for next years,  if you wish to continue asusual similar to other domain registration providers like Godaddy they will charge you $8.99, so now you can get 1year or $8.99 worth domain for free. Also they are offering .net, .org or .us domain for $6.99 and .info domain for $0.99.

Currently it provides a free domain, but what about webhosting. If you are interested creating a website for commercial purpose you must consider about good webhosting provider which has 99% uptime. You must note that all popular webhosting sites like Bluehost provides one free (.com) domain for  a hosting account.

So you can get a free domain with a hosting account from popular webhosting sites like Bluehost and if you want another domain you can get it free from 1& and host it on your webhosting account.

So to get a free domain visit this page and for good webhoster to your website CLICK HERE TO SIGNUP FOR BLUEHOST.COM

Hurry-up, the free Offer will end by May 31st, 2010 and in registration of free domain at it will ask you to provide either creditcard or PayPal ID for user authentication. My suggestion is to use PayPal address and thanks to Mayur

P.S: I got a free website in my name yesterday , but it is still waiting for approval.

  1. Ramakanth, I seriously advice you to optimize and speed up your site coz it's really very much slow. You'll notice a big difference in traffic after that. 🙂

      1. That’s amazing Ramakanth, you’ve done a gr8 job. The site loads faster now and home page got 86 score in page speed and 73 C grade in YSlow 🙂

  2. dont register with your creditcard or regular paypal account if you do that they will charge your accounts without messages unnecessarily. look at any review.