Free 1 Month HideipVPN premium US/UK VPN Account

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Free 1 Month HideipVPN premium US VPN Account
Previously we listed 4 Free VPN Services, well HideipVPN is Giving away $9.99 worth 1 month HideipVPN premium US/UK VPN account for Free,Thank to Wongsk.

For those who don’t know about VPN, A virtual private network (VPN) is a private network that makes use of a public network (such as the Internet), while maintaining security and privacy through encryption and security procedures.

So with VPN service we can bypass country specific restrictions to access services like Hulu and Pandora, If you want know more details about VPN functioning,then check out

About HideIP VPN
Before getting into promo also note that,HideIP VPN also provides free US/UK VPN accounts, but this Free VPN service is based on old PPTP protocol, although it is easy to setup a PPTP (Point-to-Point Tunneling Protocol) connection since it doesn’t require any installation but it less secure compared to OpenVPN.

HideIP VPN provides OpenVPN based connection for premium users,if you want high security VPN then for
HideIP VPN premium account which costs around $10 per month.

HideIP VPN is available for almost all operating systems (windows,Mac,Linux) & also for iPhone

What I liked most about HideIP VPN is their easy user Installation Guide or Tutorials about how to Setup PPTP/Open VPN in different OS’s.


Promo details:

  1. Visit this HideipVPN twitter page ,get Coupon code from their tweet (TWITTER1), then click on this link
  2. Now select Premium VPN service,then click order button,enter the Coupon code and click on “Check out” button
  3. The rest you can do it on your own by following Onscreen instructions

HideIPVPn on my Acer laptop