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FRANZIS FOCUS Projects Pro v4.42 Free License [Windows/Mac]

FRANZIS FOCUS Projects Pro Box Shot

Franzis FOCUS Projects Pro is an easy-to-use software that can improve the sharpness and depth of your images to draw attention to even the smallest details.

FOCUS Projects Professional is a cutting-edge program that helps you zero in on the specifics of whatever it is you’re photographing and bring out its best qualities. The program is beneficial for photo composition, which requires putting together an image with a foreground and a background.

Macro photography:

Why does the same sunset look different when captured by your camera than when displayed in professional galleries?

What gives their photos more merit? What, if anything, is your work missing?


How to add that depth that’s missing?

The answer lies in focus stacking.

Photographs feature-rich RAW development module that includes every conceivable editing mode seen in a high-end RAW converter. Digitally processed by merging many images captured at varying focus distances. All of the source photos will be used to create a final image with a greater depth of field.

However, how can photos be combined with minimal effort?

Focus Projects Pro is the solution, and it will drastically simplify your image stacking tasks.

Modern macro photographs with a captivating depth of focus and illuminating astonishing details are within your reach with the help of FOCUS projects expert.

The program’s user interface is modern and well-organized, so you shouldn’t have any trouble locating the tool you require. You can activate the program’s optimization assistant whenever you want the utility to keep track of your settings.


Specifically, the program can be instructed to remember your preferences for denoising, tonal values, clarity, dynamic range, and image sharpness whether you are working on a complete album or several images.

The tool’s many stacking algorithms open up the possibility of conducting parameter-based analysis on each individual image. If you’re just starting out, the average algorithm for comparing image sharpness is sufficient.

If you’re looking for something with a little more depth, though, you can try the MSE or MCE pyramid approaches. They can determine an image’s sharpness by analyzing its color saturation, contrast, and other visual cues.

FRANZIS FOCUS Projects Pro Features:

Get FRANZIS FOCUS Projects Pro for Free:

Visit this Giveaway page.

Simply type in your email address, tick the box stating that you accept the terms, fill out the captcha, and hit the “Send” button.

FRANZIS FOCUS Projects Pro Giveaway

A message from Franzis ( will arrive in your inbox shortly. To confirm your email address, please click the “Click Here to Download your Product” link.

After that, you will receive a second email from Franzis including details about your activation, such as your customer ID and registration code (also called a serial number).

Download the installer either from this link or from this link [Zip File].

There are separate installers for Windows and macOS that can be found after extracting the complete zip file.

Please take note that the installation file is trilingual (English, French, and German).

Start the setup program.

Input your serial number and hit the “Activate now” button when prompted. At this point, the setup is finished.

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