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Franzis Easy Foto Free License -A simple photo editor for Windows

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Franzis Easy Foto is a photo editing software that allows you to edit your photos in seconds. It offers individually calculated image suggestions for the best results and has an objective image analysis with a display of values for background noise, exposure, brightness, etc.

About Franzis Easy Foto:

Easy Foto means easy photo enhancements. Nothing fancy, no unnecessary technical terms. Just nicer photos for people who don’t really want to deal with image editing.

The most important part of Easy Foto is the image suggestions that are built in. In only seconds, Easy Foto analyzes your images, comes up with unique image choices, and presents them in a straightforward manner. You won’t have to mess with any settings or buttons or features at all.

Easy Foto analyzes and optimizes your photographs automatically, utilizing machine learning and artificial intelligence. Simply load your image, and the program will analyze it in light of the Rules of Photography and enhance it mechanically.

Franzis Easy Foto UI
Easy Foto is impressive because of its straightforward interface and lack of overwhelming features. However, essential aspects of professionalism are not neglected.

We can customize photos to your preferences using selective enhancement tools, especially the paintbrush tool’s remarkable edge recognition. It included features such as removing blotches from the sensor and correcting for the red eye right in.

Franzis Easy Foto Features:

Get Franzis Easy Foto License for Free:

Visit this new giveaway page, or this giveaway page, or this giveaway page.

Please provide your email address, tick the box indicating your acceptance of the terms, and solve the captcha before clicking the “Send” button.

You can expect an email from [email protected] (Franzis’s registration address) any second now. To confirm your email address, use the link indicating “Click Here to Activate”.

After that, Franzis will send you a second email with your activation information, such as your customer ID and registration code (also called a serial number).

Download the installer from this link:

Extract the zip file and then run the installer.

Input the user ID and registration code that were sent to you through email to begin the activation process.

You can confirm this by selecting OK.

Finish the installation process and open the app. Again, you have to enter the registration code or serial code to unlock the full version.

Franzis Easy Foto License

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