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Four Free VPN Services

Do yo have a problem in reaching certain websites like Skype or Youtube at work? Do you browse sensitive content on the internet and don’t want your staff to know it?

I’ve been doing some research on what might be good to use if, I was away from my home network. I thought how safe am I at Web cafes or other places where i access internet services. So I did a little looking around came to the conclusion that the best solution is using a Virtual Private Network (VPN).With VPN service we can bypass country specific restrictions to access services like Hulu and Pandora, If you want know more details about VPN functioning,then check out

Although majority of VPN services are paid services ,but we are sharing  Five Free  VPN services which are currently free to use with limited restrictions.


ultravpn free vpn service

UltraVPN is the most used free VPN on the internet. Aside from being completely free of charge, it offers also blazing speed and no quotas. It is not add supported. UltraVPN servers are run by Lynanda located in France and you will get France IP address. No connection or traffic logs are cannot use UltraVPN to send spam. If you use UltraVPN to commit hacking, you are required to cover your traces.(LOL ?)

Just create a free account and start using the free VPN service by installing UltraVPN software



packetixnet Free VPN service
PacketiX.NET is a Japan VPN service ,so you’ll be getting Japanese IP address.Although it is a commercial VPN service but PacketiX.NET online test service is a free VPN service offered by SoftEther. It is a test platform for developing PacketiX VPN 2.0, a high-security VPN system.

PacketiX.NET setup

In order to install PacketiX.NET you have to download the client application “PacketiX VPN Client Manager” and a configuration file – “Secure.vpn“.The setup of this VPN service is not trivial. So read the following tutorial before you get started.



Alonweb Free VPN service

Alonweb is just an OpenVPN server, based upon the highly popular OpenVPN platform. You just have to create an account with them and start having fun.

But remember, this Free VPN service is free only with a 1000MB per month bandwidth restriction. I think this is enough for simple browsing . The service is quite OK in terms of speed and overall usage but injects annoying advertisements to the browsed pages. If you want to go beyond that and use it for downloading your favorite songs, video etc., then you will have to go for their paid version.


4.CyberGhost :

cyberghost Free  VPN service
This a German VPN Service,so automatically you will get German IP address.Similar to PacketiX.NET VPN service,CyberGhost VPN is a free VPN provider which also offers paid service. The free service is limited to 10GB traffic every month, which is enough for surfing on websites, chatting and email.

Only if you download a lot you need more. The paid service costs 9,99 Euro (about 15 US-Dollar) every month and comes with 40GB traffic. A bulk account at 70 Euro (90 US-Dollar) for a year is also available.


5.Ace VPN


Also checkout this New free VPN service called Ace VPN,uses the standard OpenVPN client.

You can use it for free if you get an invite,you can do this if you write about it on a blog or forum and send them an email with the link.It is based on Open VPN using SSL encryption.It works on Windows,Linux,Mac.The service currently has servers in France and USA.There is a paid version also which costs 55$/year or 5$/month.Each account has 50 GB monthly traffic usage.the service has 99,9% up time,but not guaranteed for the free users.

Ace VPN also provides load-balanced free proxy service to surf anonymous without invitation. You can access Ace proxy server in two ways, by web browser or by Ace Proxy Client.

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