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FotoJet Designer Free License -Design banners, cards, and posters.

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FotoJet Designer is a professional and user-friendly graphic design application for Windows. With the assistance of this elegant program that includes several templates, you can unleash your imagination and produce eye-catching banners, cards, and posters.

Even if you have never designed before, you can use this program to make your own designs like a real designer. This program lets you make banners, business cards, and posters that stand out. You can find more than 900 templates made by professionals in different groups.

After you install the program, you’ll see a stylish user interface that anyone can figure out quickly. The inclusion of various pre-designed flyers or banners simplifies the process and enables you to see how you might change them quickly.

Concerning the different kinds of templates, it’s worth mentioning that you can look through collections based on topics like parties, people, food, music, motivation, architecture, animals, feelings, movies, and love.

FotoJet Designer UI

To change or replace any of the objects in the templates, all you have to do is click on them. So, you can flip objects, work with layers, change the opacity, replace text, change its font, and do a lot more.

In addition, a number of photographs are included, but you can always add to your visual resources by using your own photos or by searching for other images online. Also, it is possible to import pictures from Facebook.

It’s worth noting that you can add headings, subheadings, body text, and a number of samples showing you how your words might look in nice fonts when it comes to text formatting.

In the clipart section, you can find shapes, icons, smiley faces, and other things that you can easily use to change your project.

Get FotoJet Designer for Free:

Just download the software from the developer page.

Install and launch the software, on the main window click the “Upgrade Now” button.

Enter any one of the below license codes and hit the “Activate” button.




FotoJet Designer License