Fortified- Action strategy game Free on Steam [Until June 8]

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Fortified! is an action strategy game set in 1950’s sci-fi, in this game you can play up to four players (cooperative mode)or you can play solo.

It’s a tower defense game that is kind of like a mix of that with team fortress 2 and Orcs Must Die. You fight off  the alien invasion through a tower defense type of way and then you have a network of defensive structures and you use Cold War-era weapons and experimental technology. You get to fight in the battle and experience lot of intense action.

Fortified, from Clapfoot is a smart mix of tower defense, third-person shooting, and strategy elements. The game offers Four classic characters,  a no-nonsense space cowboy, a glamorous rocket scientist, an ambitious secret agent, and a powerful Captain from the Army.


The four characters must all work together in the cooperative mode, or alone, when playing solo, to rescue the world from the invading aliens. The character design, as well as the plot, go all in on the old-school factor. Each character has his or her own back story.

Fortified Free on Steam :

This game is available for free on Steam until June 8 (11 am Pacific), just go to this and click “Install” to add the game to your account and it’s yours forever.

ABOUT  Fortified :

Fortified is an explosive strategy shooter where players will defend the Earth against a menacing Martian invasion in the 1950s. Play as one-of-four pulp-inspired heroes as they fight swarms of terrifying robots.

Protect the city by building a network of defensive structures, commanding an army, and jumping into battle against dangerous sky scraping attackers. Fight for Earth alone or with up to four players for the ultimate co-op defense experience.

  • Genre-Bending Gameplay – Fortified combines third-person shooter, real-time strategy, and tower defense mechanics in an exciting new way!
  • Retro Sci-Fi Flare – Go back in time and experience an alternate history, where planet Earth is assaulted by an unstoppable Martian menace. Be immersed in a world that’s straight out of a 1950’s comic book.
  • Construct the Ultimate Defense – Players will fortify their base by strategically building a network of defensive structures to thwart the oncoming waves of mechanical invaders.
  • Pulp Inspired Character Classes – Fortified features four classes based on prominent pulp character archetypes, including a jetpack piloting heroine, a shotgun wielding space cowboy, a secret government agent, and a battle-hardened Marine captain.
  • Four-Player Co-Op – It can be difficult to face the Martian machines alone. Fortified offers diverse co-op gameplay that requires team coördination and strategy. There’s power in numbers, but victory only comes to those who work together.