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Protect Your Online World with Fortect Browsing Protection

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Internet safety is of critical importance in today’s connected world. Although most web browsers have some security features, it’s a good idea to be extra careful when browsing the Internet.

Introducing Fortect Browsing Protection, a new add-on for Google Chrome. It provides a high level of protection, allowing you to surf the web safely and worry-free.

What is Fortect Browsing Protection?

This is a Google Chrome extension that helps keep your web browsing safe. It has many features that use smart technology to detect threats and protect you while you browse the internet.

Key Features:

  • Advanced Web Protection: Fortect Browsing Protection provides a shield against malicious and suspicious websites in real-time.
  • Push Notifications Control: The extension blocks unwanted push notifications, so you can enjoy a tranquil browsing experience.
  • Extension Defense: This Chrome extension monitors your installed extensions and neutralizes any potentially harmful ones.
  • Dynamic Threat Detection: Fortect works tirelessly to safeguard your online experience. An initial scan eradicates any active threats, while real-time protection ensures that your digital adventure remains secure.
  • Intuitive Dashboard: Fortect offers a user-friendly dashboard where you can customize and manage your security settings.
  • Detailed Reports and Logs: Fortect provides comprehensive reports and logs, so you can stay informed and alert about the threats that have been neutralized

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How does it work?

Once you install the extension and enter your email id, it scans your browser to find and get rid of any threats.

It also checks how vulnerable you are to online threats. If it finds any threats, just follow the instructions to remove them. Then it prompts you to create a password and choose the security features you want to use in your browser.

Fortect Browser Protection Features

Fortect Browsing Protection has several tools to help you browse the internet more safely. It offers real-time protection, blocks notifications, and monitors extensions.

After you set it up, the Fortect dashboard shows you a summary of the number of information leaks, malicious websites, notifications, and extensions that have been blocked in your browser.

Fortect Browser Protection UI


Fortect Browsing Protection is a useful security tool that helps you browse the internet safely. Its features protect you from bad websites, annoying pop-up messages, and harmful browser add-ons. It ensures you have a secure and peaceful browsing experience.

Download Fortect Browsing Protection today from the and start enjoying a safer, more secure browsing experience tomorrow. 🌟