Fort Triumph and RPG in a Box Games Giveaway

Fort Triumph and RPG in a Box Games are Available for Free

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Fort Triumph, a turn-based strategy game and Voxel-style RPG in a Box, is available for free download from the Epic Games Store.

There is a high probability that you are unfamiliar with Fort Triumph and RPG in a Box.

Indeed, the Epic Games Store is great at showcasing great indie games for no cost. From today till December 8, these two role-playing games will be free.

To grab these freebies, visit the below links.

Fort Triumph:

RPG in a Box:

About Fort Triumph Game:

Fort Triumph Game Play

This game is a cooperative strategy experience developed by CookieByte Entertainment. The game borrows concepts from well-known games like XCOM and Heroes of Might and Magic. The game is, at heart, a fantasy-themed turn-based strategy RPG.

This XCOM-like strategy game is played in turn, and tasks players with strengthening their hero squad, amassing artifacts, and establishing settlements. Players will take charge of a group of heroes, each of whom possesses their own set of abilities.

It has a story mode in which players can go on an adventure with their squad, as well as a ton of missions set in a variety of environments and featuring unique events. They plan to start their own group by amassing supplies, establishing a stronghold, and developing a roster of heroes. The environment itself, such as trees or boulders, can be used as weapons in the game.

About RPG in a Box Game:

Create your own interactive narratives with this game maker. Even if you don’t know how to model or code, you can still make games with the help of this intuitive interactive tool. It has features like a map editor, a voxel editor, visual scripting, and UI editors.

Also, players can export their games to a format for any operating system (OS), including Windows, Linux, and macOS. This also implies that other players can enjoy your game without an RPG-in-a-Box.