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ForceToolkit Free 1 year License-Offers more control over Windows

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ForceToolkit is a small but powerful Windows utility that can forcibly change the state of other program controls.

With this utility, you can set windows to always-on-top, change their titles, kill processes and close programs with a single click, and toggle the visibility of buttons and checkboxes. You can change the look and behaviour of certain programs on your computer by altering their window’s properties: disable buttons, toggle always on top, enter a custom title, and more.

Windows provides a wide range of configuration settings by default, and there is a wealth of third-party software available to expand these capabilities. Visually and functionally, the Windows user experience can differ widely between users.

You’ve found the right place if you want more power over your windows. Using the ForceToolkit app, the user can toggle a window to always be on top, force a window to the back, change the title of a window, and much more.

ForceToolkit Pro UI

The software provides a convenient method for users to alter the behaviour of certain application windows. This tool is easy to set up and use, taking only a few minutes to get up and run. Simply dragging the cursor from its interface onto the window you wish to change will trigger the desired action.

It is important to note that we can only use the tool in specific windows. You can’t, for example, alter the names of File Explorer, the built-in Photos app, or any of the other system utilities. However, it may cause their processes to be killed off by force, effectively shutting them down.

ForceToolkit Features:

    • Enable disabled buttons, checkboxes, and other controls in other applications that are greyed out and not working.
    • Click on a Disabled Button with force.
    • Hide a window or application to make it run invisibly in the background.
    • Conceal buttons and text in Third-Party Programs.
    • Set Windows so that they are always on top.
    • You can shut down other applications’ windows by force.
    • Refresh/Redraw the User Interface of Other Applications.
    • Stop a running application and force its shutdown.
    • Make a new title for the window.
    • You can now adjust the size of the Fixed Size Window.

Get ForceToolkit for Free:

Download the giveaway version installer from this link or this link.

Install the software, launch the app and on the main interface click “Buy Now”.

Enter the below license code.


Hit the “OK” button.

ForceToolkit Pro Registration Code