Folx : Free Download manager for Mac

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When Internet was slower download managers were on peak of popularity. Now that it is much easier to download some files with standard web browsers, but download managers are still in demand.

For example it is needed to download loads of files and keep them accurately on a computer. Or it is needed to thoroughly control the download process, or schedule the downloading time. Currently no web browser can offer such features. That’s why Eltima Software offers Folx download manager to benefit from all these features.

Folx is a download manager for all your possible downloads plus a torrent client for Mac. Folx is available in two editions: free and PRO.

Free Folx can split the download in two threads, while PRO version – in up to 10 threads for even faster downloading speed. Folx allows download speed adjustment according to your usage of Internet bandwidth – lower it if you are working in other apps requiring Internet or accelerate in case no other app uses Internet. Folx PRO can do all this automatically.

folx download manager

Folx offers smart organization of downloaded files on your hard disk. You can tag the downloaded file with the tags describing it the best and Folx will put the file in one folder and symlinks to it in other folders if you tagged the file with more than one tag. Whenever you need to locate a file that was downloaded long ago you’ll just need to recall the tag that would describe it the best and find it in no time at all.

Schedule the downloads with Folx PRO. Folx allows choosing the day and time when to start and stop downloading, and what to do after downloading is finished.

As it was mentioned above, free Folx is also a torrent client that allows downloading and uploading torrents. Folx PRO can also search through multiple torrent trackers at a time right from the app interface. No need to browse through every torrent tracker to find the needed file in required quality – Folx will do the job for you.

There is also a possibility to download the files attached to RSS feeds. Folx PRO allows you to set required parameters like the name of the show and the episode and as soon as it is on the website Folx PRO will download it to your computer.

For your convenience Folx PRO can be integrated with iTunes. I.e. newly downloaded files can automatically go to iTunes playlists.

You can always try free Folx to decide whether this app is exactly what you need. If you want to benefit from all nice features offered in Folx PRO, you can get it at Eltima Software website.