F.lux – Automatically Adjusts Your screen Brightness

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Update #2 [ Oct 16,2013] : Staring at a computer screen, especially late at night can lead to sore, dry eyes and headaches.

The Free program F.lux aims to make things kinder on your peepers by changing the screen hue to match your environment and the time of day. This updated release, which is the first in a couple of years, has a new Movie mode, you can use it when you’re watching films. This ‘warms’ up your display but preserves shadow detail, skin tones and sky colours, and lasts for 150 minutes.

There’s also an option to disable F.lux until morning, which is useful if you’re having to work all night, a red ‘darkroom’ mode and  new hotkeys that dim your display. The Program also offers support for Philips Hue intelligent lighting.


Download F.lux for for Windows MacLinux , iPhone/iPad and Android.