Flowers2Mail: Send "virtual flowers" by mail

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This is a service that does not go far and perhaps it can save you if you have problems with your wife or girlfriend.Flowers2Mail is an online service that lets you send virtual flowers by email.

The procedure is simple: choose the vase, color, drag and drop photos into the vase, then type the message you want to send a person to receive flowers on the card that will be attached to the vase.Then enter name,email address of sender and receiver.

There is no need to subscribe, everything is done on one page and is superficial. The manager of the site, Ronald Craen, said it is a place of fun and it has no business purpose.

The site runs on a simple flash interface, which makes the process more dynamic. So you know, if you want to send flowers to someone who is far away, but for some reason you can not, here is a romantic and easy solution for this. (Ideal para los que meten la pata (Ideal for those who get screwed : P )