Flight Unlimited Las Vegas - Flight Simulator

Flight Unlimited Las Vegas - Flight Simulator Now Free [Windows /iOS]

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Flight Unlimited Las Vegas is a slick flight simulation game available on Windows and Apple AppStore.

The price of this game is reduced to free, usually $9.99 for Windows 10 and $0.99 for iOS devices.

On the App Store, this popular iPhone Flight Simulator has 4 Star rating with 5 million downloads worldwide. It works on all the appropriate iDevices.

Get Flight Unlimited Las Vegas for iPad and iPhone in the App Store.

Windows 1O users can get the game by visting the Microsoft.


The app renders 130 square miles of the Las Vegas city, you can fly down the Strip and look at the hotels and other sites. The views out the windows are detailed and impressive. Flypast the Luxor, buzz the New York or attempt a landing on top of the Bellagio.

This Flight simulator also features street traffic, When you are close to the ground, you can see trucks, cars and buses on the roads.

Flight Unlimited Las Vegas - Flight Simulator

The game lets you complete missions for the Las Vegas mob, or just fly around, look at everything and land again. When you first start the app, you calibrate the controls, rudder and ailerons, by moving your iDevice in four directions.

The app offers several views, from behind the plane or different angles outside. There is an in-cockpit view, and you can see the important instruments you need to stay aloft and land with. Tapping the screen gives you access to the flaps and throttle controls.


– Beautiful graphics featuring bloom lighting, real-time reflections, volumetric clouds, etc.

– Over 130 sq miles of satellite imaged terrain and over 50 iconic Vegas hotels and buildings.

– Grand Theft Auto style Missions

– 8 aircraft including the Cessna 172, Challenger Learjet, Douglas DC-3, Robin DR400, Grumman Goose Amphibious Aircraft, Pitts Special, A10 Tank Killer, P40 Mustang, and the FA/18

– Full flap, gear, brake, and rudder controls

– Cockpit camera, Chase camera, Tower camera, and a full customizable camera

– Street traffic (cars and buses)

– Advanced particle effects (tire smoke, engine fires, water splash)

– Destructive aircraft bodies. Wings rip off, engines separate, the aircraft metal bends and deforms.