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FliFlik Voice Changer Free License Giveaway [Windows/Mac]]

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Fliflik Voice Changer is a Voice-changing application for Windows that offers a library of voices already installed and a ton of customization options.

About FliFlik Voice Changer:

If you’ve ever wanted a way to edit your recorded voice, add effects to it, or blend voiceovers with ordinary tracks and other audio, this program is for you.

Fliflik Voice Changer provides users with a range of soundboards that are organized according to categories and feature thousands of clops and memes.

Also, the app’s internal library contains a variety of voice effects that are pre-installed and organized for easy access.

The app has every voice and effect available, but it also has an AI voice modifier engine and a real-time voice changer that lets you imitate a lot of distinct sounds.

With this Voice Changer, you can transform your voice into a variety of amusing styles.

Fifty-plus distinct voice types are at your fingertips, and it’s easy to use. Voice customization options include Minions, Mickey, Metal, Low, a dragon, a ghost, a Witch, and many more. Several audio controls, such as pitch, mix, and formant, are available in this program as well.

Last but not least, users can add denoise and tweak the input and output signal levels to their liking.

FliFlik Voice Changer UI

Key Features:

  1. Alter your voice in real time by using a variety of effects and soundboards.
  2. Use it to alter your voice for a variety of online purposes, including gaming, chatting, podcasting, and teaching.
  3. Sound effects like an amine, horror, device, game, or extraterrestrial species can be applied to your voice.
  4. Anyone can change their voice to sound like a chipmunk, robot, or extraterrestrial.
  5. Discord, Twitch, OBS, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Roblox, Minecraft, World of WarCraft, and countless more widespread platforms and games are all compatible with this app.

FliFlik Voice Changer Giveaway:

  1. Visit this giveaway page.
  2. Choose “Windows or Mac” and enter your email address, then click the “Get License” button.
  3. Check your email inbox for an email from FliFlik (noreply@luckydogsoft.com). This email provides the license code, copy the code.
  4. Download the installer: Windows/Mac
  5. Install the software, launch it, and on the main window click “Settings” (Wheel icon) and click “Register”.
  6. Enter your email address, and license code, then hit “Register”.
  7. Note: This giveaway offers a 3-month license code for free and is available for the next 6 days. FliFlik Voice Changer license

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