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Flashout 3D: Enhanced Edition Available for Free on GOG & Steam

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Flashout 3D: Enhanced Edition PC Game is now available for free.

The remastered version of the classic anti-gravity racing game, Flashout 3D: Enhanced Edition, is now available for free download on GOG and Steam.

In celebration of the release of FLASHOUT 3, the classic AG racer FLASHOUT 3D, which was originally released more than a decade ago, has returned. But the creators aren’t just giving away the first game in the series; they’ve also remastered it and added new features and improved the visuals.

This indie game was previously for sale on Steam for $9.99 for the enhanced edition but is now available for free to all players.

To grab the game, visit the below links.



About Flashout 3D: Enhanced Edition:

Climb aboard one of your lightning-fast vessels and head out to the races. Win every race by any means necessary (rockets, guns, whatever) and establish yourself as the galaxy’s top racer!

Get addicted to the thrilling racing experience as you learn to master the track, improve your driving abilities, enhance your vehicles, jam out to killer tunes, and open up new tracks.

Flashout 3D Enhanced Edition Game Play

The game could be called Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing for adults because instead of the neon colours of the Sonic game, it has gleaming metal flyers from a Star Wars-like universe.

In fact, Flashout makes no secret of the fact that other games influenced it. Some of the available vehicles resemble Tie Fighters from Star Wars, and the original Wipeout clearly inspired the gameplay.

The game’s “career mode” lets you compete in a string of events on circuits from all over the world. When you win races, you earn money that can be used to purchase faster and more manoeuvrable vehicles, as well as upgrades like machine guns and rocket launchers to help you wipe out the competition.

Features and highlights of the Enhanced Edition:

    • 100% FREE.
    • Upgraded graphics.
    • Gamepad support.
    • The ship’s physics has improved.
    • Vibrations support was added.
    • Improved controls.
    • Remastered intro.
    • Additional animations.
    • Improved visual effects.
    • New UI during races.