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Flashmp3player: adds an mp3 player to your website

If you have a website or blog and want to add mp3 player, you have probably seen several options, including adding the songs that you’ve saved on Seeqpod. But today we show a much simpler option, from

Flash MP3 Player is a free application based on PHP, and installs easily, without having to learn this programming language. All you have to do is,just copy a little code on your site, much the same way we use to embed a Google video or embed YouTube video on a blog.You just have to specify the directory where the files are located and include the player in the place where you want to display it.

Finally you can customize the design to use some combination of colors according to your website . The basic controls are included, but is more than sufficient, ID3v1/ID3v2 used to name files by default.

Link: Flashmp3player


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