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Google I/Oconference held for its developers revealed several  innovations, among those the first day of the conference discussed on extensions for Google Chrome.
For now, this is a limited system, because it exposes all the functionality available and its interface is limited, these extensions are developed using HTML, JavaScript, CSS, so they’re not difficult to write. These extensions do not require to restart the browser after installation,but according to my experience with present 3 first extensions require restarting the browser after installation,maybe this non- restarting concept will be applied to future extensions.

Another thing I noticed is extensions (like page rank) will appear on a bottom bar of the Chrome browser as demonstrated by Boodman, suggesting that the real estate at the top of the browser will remain reserved for bookmarks only, and not add-ons.The buttons that users click on to use a extension will look similar to that of the bookmark buttons. When users highlight their mouse over an extension, it will illuminate the extension, with borders around it to separate it from others.

Google will offer a housing system for extensions, which may be updated automatically. They will also be compatible with future versions of the browser, so there will be no compatibility problems with older versions.


The first extensions available are:

1. Adsweep:

AdSweep installed in chrome

Works similar to that of firefox addon Adblock plus,it uses JavaScript to block ads without UI.


2.PageRank checker:

PageRank of Techno360
PageRank of Techno360

Page Rank checker for Chrome created by Vasanth, shows the Google PageRank for the current website

Link :PageRank checker

Installation of  PageRank Checker:

  1. Install Google Chrome from
  2. Download the Chrome Channel Switcher.
  3. Launch the channel switcher, and subscribe to the dev channel as shown below
  4. chrome-channel-switcher

  5. Download Page Rank addon for Chrome.
  6. Right-click the shortcut icon of Google Chrome, either on your desktop or in your “Start” menu, and click “Properties”
  7. Select  “Target” item, append ” –enable-extensions” without double quotes
  8. Example according to my pc:
    Before: “c:Documents and SettingsramakanthLocal SettingsApplication DataGoogleChromeApplicationchrome.exe”
    After:”c:Documents and SettingsramakanthLocal SettingsApplication DataGoogleChromeApplicationchrome.exe” –enable-extensions

    Target field of chrome
    Target field of chrome
  9. Copy pagerank.crx into drive C,open chrome and type or paste “file:///C:/pagerank.crx” without double quotes then click enter
  10. Now You will be propmted whether to install it, click “OK“,that’s it.
  11. pagerank addon installation conformation
    pagerank addon installation conformation
  12. Restart Google Chrome,now you should be able to see Page Rank display on left bottom corner for any particular website.

Also take a look at pagerank (bookmark) addon created by techtoggle,it is very simple to implement  this bookmark addon,just  click “Customize and control Google chrome,”then select “Always show bookmarks bar” and drag the addon script from techtoggle website onto your chrome bookmarks bar.

PageRank with Techtoogle Addon
PageRank with Techtoogle Addon


Cleeki, an addon that delivers the functionality of IE8’s Accelerators to Google chrome,Just select some text, and Cleeki can search,share or preview the content and preview the results immediately.

cleeki for-google-chrome
cleeki for google chrome

Link: Cleeki

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