FireFox will support accelerometer devices

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FireFox will support accelerometer devices
Yeah,  it seems Mozilla is working on  to make their famous browser to support accelerometer devices in their next releases(versions). Doug Turner one of the developers of Firefox has confirmed that Firefox will accept inputs from accelerometers.

This is great news for those who are using  mobile devices that have accelerometer support.Basically accelerometer integrated  mobile devices “tells” the phone which way it is being held up, down, left, right, moving etc.

You can find Accelerometer application in numerous gadgets like mobile phones (iPhone, HTC, Nokia N97) and we can also see accelerometer  in MacBook Pro .

It is not clear,that what versions will support this feature, whether Firefox or Fennec mobile browser. But i expect this in both.

One thing is clear that Firefox 3.6 ( Namoroka ) began to add these developments,which is due later this year.