Firefox 3.6.10 Released

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A quick update for Firefox browser to address a bug that arised in previous update(3.69) ,  today Mozilla released Firefox 3.6.10 to fix a single stability issue affecting a limited number of users.Firefox 3.6.10 is available to download for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux platforms.

This update came just one day after Infoworld reported that  Mozilla turned off update notifications as it is investigating a bug that was causing headaches for some people.

According to Mozilla, the latest version Firefox 3.6.10 will fix the bug in the Previous version that is crashing the browser during the start-up  for some users.

Christian Legnitto, Firefox release manager said that it is Interesting that this bug doesn’t show up in the top 300 crashes in 3.6.9 previous versions.

Download Firefox 3.6.10:

If your Firefox browser still isn’t updated, then just got ‘Help -> Check for Updates’ and update the browser.

You can download it from here.

  1. This just won’t update properly through the normal browser update method-same on two Win7’s and three XP’s.Best to go to Mozilla site and take direct download from there-this method worked five for five.