Firefox Mobile Browser (alpha) coming "in a few weeks"

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Earlier this year, the folks(azarask) over at Mozilla took some time to show off a video with the latest developments in the mobile version of the popular Firefox browser. While a final version won’t be ready for handsets worldwide perhaps until sometime in 2009, an alpha testing build may come much sooner.
Mozilla CEO John Lilly says the first Alpha version of Firefox Mobile will be available in a few weeks.That’s pretty exciting.

Sadly, no specific details were offered about what devices or operating systems will be supported by the early Alpha.Pre-alpha releases of the browser, code-named Fennec, are already available. But at the moment, they only run on the Nokia N810 internet tablet.
Check out the complete interview here, where Lilly also discusses other topics including how an open source company such as Mozilla works and Google’s new Chrome browser.
[via Linux Insider ]