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Firefox 3.6.9 Released

Just before while publishing the previous post,  my browser Firefox reported that a new version has been downloaded and requires a ‘restart’ to apply the downloaded update.

Yes, Today Mozilla released  new version Firefox 3.6.9  which brings new features, fixes critical security vulnerabilities and also improves browser stability.

The new feature in Firefox 3.6.9 is, now it supports X-FRAME-OPTIONS header. This is useful for webSite owners to prevent clickjacking attacks, with this feature Firefox browser will load website content in an iframe in Firefox.

Clickjacking : clickjacking refers to attacks where malicious site place items like a transparent iFrame under the mouse pointer. Thinking they are clicking on some item on the page, users click on the elements contained in the iFrame instead, for example recent Facebook ‘Like’ button scam/attack.

Coming to security issues this new version Firefox 3.6.9 fixes almost 14 security vulnerabilities, among these 10 are rated as critical. You can find the list of changes over here.

Download Firefox 3.6.9 :

Firefox 3.6.9 is available to download for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux.If your Firefox browser still isn’t updated, then just got ‘Help -> Check for Updates’ and update the browser.

Also you can download from below direct links

Firefox 3.6.9 : Windows| Mac OSX|Linux

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