Firefox 3.1 Beta 2 available for download

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Mozilla has just drawn the new beta version of its future browser, Firefox 3.1, which brings new and different improvements.

  • First, TraceMonkey has already been activated by default. TraceMonkey is a new JavaScript engine developed by Mozilla to improve the loading of pages like Gmail, Calendar, and many other webapps that use Javascript

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  • It has also added a private browsing mode, identical to that already available in Safari and Chrome. It is also known as porn mode, where all user activity traces including history, cache, download history, saved passwords, searches, cookies, and others, are removed as soon as the user returns to normal browsing mode.
  • Performance enhancements in the Gecko engine (which has been updated to 1.9.1)

In short, what we can expect from Firefox 3.1 is primarily a faster speed. And despite being in Beta, as with the previous version of Firefox, is quite stable.

Download link: Firefox3.1beta2
Link: Release notes

How to Turn on addons not compatible?

  • Type about: config in the address bar
    (you will get warning message,ignore it)
  • Right click anywhere, and go to “New ->Boolean”
  • Then enter ” extensions.checkCompatibility”
  • Give value as “false
  • Restart  Firefox
  • Now Extension (although) which are not compatible get’s activated
  • Note: Don’t enter along with quotes(“”)
    Via Lifehacker