Firefox 3.6 Alpha 1 now available for download

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Firefox 3.6 Alpha 1

Mozilla released the first alpha version for Firefox 3.6,code-named Namoroka.The pre-release version which is available for public download is is intended for developers and testers,however if you want to bear few crashes(?) and non-working plug-ins, then you can try Namoroka Alpha 1 .

This release uses the Gecko 1.9.2 engine and includes several interface improvements, such as

  • New graphical tab-switching
  • Speed improvements to the TraceMonkey JavaScript engine
  • Improved startup speed and overall responsiveness
  • Better session restore features

Although tab switching is off by default,you can enable it , type about:config in adrress bar and set browser.ctrlTab.previews to true .

I have been using it for about 21 hrs, still i didn’t find any crashes, only some addons like Google gears, firedownload are not compatible with this version , but basic addons like  adblock plus,WOT,flashblock are working fine .

Besides Tab feature, i didn’t find any visible differences between Firefox 3.5 and Namoroka Alpha 1.By pressing  Ctrl + Tab , you get preview of the current + five most recently used tabs, plus an option to show all tabs’ thumbnails including a search bar.According to Mozillalinks  this version scores 94/100 in Acid3 test.

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