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FireFox 3.5 : It's Time for an Upgrade

Firefox 3.5 Final version

Today as expected  The Mozilla Foundation released the final build of FireFox 3.5

The browser, which has been available in public beta for quite some time, brings a raft of new features to the platform. Perhaps the most obvious of these is support for embeddable video brought in as part of the HTML 5 standard, which Firefox is able to play natively – no plugin required.

This version carries a clearinghouse of features, some 5,000 in all according to Mozilla.
Other high points from the Feature list are


If you are using Firefox 3.0.11,to update just go to ‘Help -> Check for Updates’. >

If you are using latest Firefox 3.5 Release Candidate,just open your browser it will be automatically updated to Final version .

Check out quick video tour of the new version:

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