Firefox 11 Final Now Available

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Firefox 11 final build was officially released today by Mozilla,the major highlight is the new version adds the ability to import bookmarks, history, and cookies from Google’s Chrome browser.

Although an early build Firefox 11 was made available through official Mozilla ftp server and other third party sites, but later the download links were taken down due to  a security bug reported by ZDI, now fixed in the final build.

March 13 has been the scheduled release date for the stable build of Firefox 11, but mozilla on Monday announced that the new version wouldn’t be  rolled out on Tuesday because of two reasons : 1. Microsoft Patch Tuesday 2. Security vulnerability reported by ZDI.

“This week we will release another update, but not on Tuesday as we typically do,” began Jonathan Nightingale, Mozilla’s senior director of Firefox engineering, in a blog poston Monday.

Firefox 11 brings new features such as an option to migrate bookmarks, history and cookies from competing web browser Google Chrome, a fix for Growl notifications in Mac OS X, and the ability to synchronize add-ons across multiple computers.

5 Key Features oF Firefox 11 Final :

  1. Migration from Chrome : import bookmarks, history, and cookies from Chrome
  2. Add-On Synchronization :With Sync enabled, add-ons can now be synchronized across your computers
  3. Flash for Android : Firefox 11 for Android now compatible with Adobe Flash on Android 2.3 and earlier
  4. Faster Page Loads with the help of SPDY protocol
  5. New tools for developers to support CSS text-size-adjust property and the new, WebGL-based “Tilt” tool for 3D website visualization.

Users can update to this version by going to Help > About Firefox in the menu bar and install from within the application, or download manually from Firefox website.

Download Firefox 11 Final :