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FireDownload :Increase Firefox Downloading Speed Upto 10x

Previously I used several built in download mangers in Firefox Browser for example “DownloadThemAll.” I noticed that these built in download mangers in Firefox are not as fast as other (desktop) download mangers or built in download managers in IE which are some, what faster than Firefox Download mangers.I don’t know what was the reason,so I normally use Internet Download manger.

Today I was very busy in removing Viruses in my friend PC,at that time while Googling I found this wonderful Firefox add-on called “FireDownload.” my friend PC is infected with Auto play virus,though PC tools Internet security has prevented but his local hardisk drives(C) are stilling, showing “Auto Play” option. Actually my friend had low net speed i.e. 256kbps BSNL connection this mean he should get downloads at 32 KB/sec (256/8) speed. So I installed this ( experimental) add-on ,when I started Downloading “Malwarebytes Anti-Malware” from CNET, to my surprise the download started at 110 KB/Sec and went to stable download, speed at 70 KB/sec.

Although, when I tried to download from file hosters like Rapidshare, files are downloaded at 40 to 45 KB/sec speed.I think that we can get high speed downloads from direct servers like CNET and normal increased speed(5 to 10) from heavy traffic File hosters services with this add-on.

“FireDownload Supercharge your web downloads! By using state of the art acceleration technology, this extension will speed up your downloads up to 10 times.”

This is an experimental add-on in order install this you must check the box “Let me install this experimental add-on”.After you install it, a new option will be available as shown in below image, just click and your file will begin downloading much faster. The only problem I encountered until now is that you cannot change location and name for the file, but maybe developers will adjust this feature in upcoming versions.


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