Fire Tune:Tweak and Optimize Firefox 3

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If you’re running a version of Windows and you spend much of your day in the Mozilla Firefox browser and you  feel firefox3 is slow you can very easily tweak it for appreciable speed .

Firefox settings can be tweaked by typing  about:config into Firefox’s address bar,where you’ll get array of files that you can modify. But it is a Trail & error process,everyone cannot do this and I don’t like to do so,and that’s why In this post, I’m going to discuss a free ware called Fire tune that lets you optimize Firefox according to your computer and internet connection speed.

FireTune is a free, downloadable utility that automates the process of improving your Firefox setup. The application simply asks you to specify a few questions about your computer and connection speed, then automatically configures Firefox for optimal performance—in seconds. FireTune is newly updated for Firefox version 3. Here is a screenshot-driven guide to it.


FireTune executes a numbe of Firefox optimizations, and, importantly, it prompts you to create a backup of your original configuration before running it. You should perform the backup, and one button lets you return to your original configuration if you want to. (The application is for Windows users at this point.) The options for backup and restore are seen below.

FireTune performs some optimizations that will have variable results according to what type of Internet connection you have. Below, you’ll find the options it asks you about, and it will optimize your performance so that it’s the best it can be for your setup.


FireTune’s main page include the three tabs seen below to take you to various options for targeted types of tweaks that the application performs. You can make selections for what you do and don’t want tweaked using these.


FireTune has been downloaded more than 2.5 million times and it includes everything to tweak Firefox to the max and to browse the internet faster.FireTune supports all versions ofl Mozilla Firefox like v1.x, 2.x and 3.x.

I’ve  been using it for three days, and I do notice a measurable improvement, especially at launch. Everything seems to load a bit more quickly. I think this one is definitely worth downloading and trying out.

Download FireTune here