FingerBeat drum pad app

FingerBeat Drum Pad App Available Free for iPhone/iPodTouch

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FingerBeat beat makes music making intuitive and fun, this Drum App available for iPhone/iPodTouch.

It requires iOS 7.1(or later) and about 140 MB of free space.The app price dropped to $0 from USD $4.99 and now available free on App Store.

FingerBeat allows you to capture sounds directly into pads or record the entire sessions instantly.Make Loops using the reels then drag-and-drop clips into pads and keep creating.

This pocket sampler, drum-machine & field recorder designed for ‘on-the-go’ creativity.

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About FingerBeat:

This is an easy to use pocket sampler, drum machine designed for intuition and creative self-expression.

Record and recall your ideas with ease, it allows you to annotate and dictate lyrics while developing rich patterns into song structures.

This iOS app is ideal for anyone who is looking to have fun in making beats on the go.

fingerbeat app

It’s designed for your hands and fingers, don’t cover the speakers or microphone while playing. Just tap and annotate your ideas instantly.

Use the safe area to drag and shit your view at any time, easily set the pitch for each sound.Play record or draw notes using your finger.

The multi-touch mixer controls volume and stereo balance for each pad, it enables you to perform live using the mute and pattern buttons.

When connected to headphones or speakers just tap on the microphone icon to sing over your beat or musical creation.

Create your own kit using the editor, browse or sample any external sound using the microphone, You can even customize your players look and feel including using your own pictures.

Record your sessions with one tap; sample sound from an instrument into expressive pads in one tap.

You can sing, scratch over your beats or do both at the same time.

One does not need to have musical knowledge to use this app.

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