FILTER FORGE - Image Editing App or Plugin Free License [Win & Mac]

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FILTER FORGE is a popular image editing software or plugin available for both Windows and Mac platforms.

Filter Forge a Standalone application and Photoshop plugin that lets you create textures and effects for your projects. It allows you to you create stand out and professional-looking images.

Whether you are a 3D artist or photographer, it’s created to be the most dynamic and efficient tool for digital artists.

It can produce a range of textures and effects which include
organic structures, metallic and rocky surfaces, distortions, abstract
textures, repeating patterns, color corrections, and more.

All filters are adjustable and editable, tiled, resolution independent,
and support real-world HDRI lighting.

Also, filters can generate diffuse, specular, bump, and normal
maps, which makes it an essential tool for artists creating
3D models and environments, architectural visualization and high-end game content

The Plugin or software boasts an online library of 12530 + ready-to-use
textures and effects, with new filters added every day.

It allows users to alter any of these existing filters or the ability to create their own in an easy-to-use visual editor that doesn’t need any coding skills.

Overall, this is a high-end graphic software to generate textures, create visual effects, produce render maps and process images.

Also, its a must-have Photoshop plugin for designers (both novice and pro ).

Key Features:

1.Filter Editor
A visual node-based editor lets you create visual effects and procedural texture

2.Online Filter Library
A free online repository of filters submitted by Filter Forge users. Contributors can earn a free copy of Filter Forge.

3.Seamless Tiling
Most filters in Filter Forge support seamless tiling, even for non-square textures.

4.Bump and Normal Maps
Filter Forge can generate diffuse, bump, specular and normal maps – all are anti-aliased and most are seamlessly tiled.

5.Resolution Independent
As all filters are generated procedurally, any filter can be rendered in any resolution without losing detail.

FILTER FORGE 7 Standard Free License:

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Fill the form by entering your First & last name, email address and click the ‘Send’ button to receive License code.

Download the setup file or installer from below links.

For Windows:

For MacOS: