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For computer savvy users two things are often very important.

  1. Securely delete sensitive data.
  2. Recover accidentally deleted data.

FileWing from Abelssoft does exactly these two jobs with efficiency and with user friendly wizards. There is both free and paid versions. The paid version worth 19,90€ comes with advanced features.

  • overwrite unused disk space and thereby destroy all traces of files that should have been deleted while you have not used FileWing.
  • The free version of FileWing only scans for files that it can recover without problems. FileWing Pro’s DeepScan can also recover damaged files – so if you desperately want to recover a partly overwritten document.
  • Apply filters on recoverable stuffs making your life easier in finding recoverable item.
  • It supports Crypto-Format that ensures 100% safe deletion of sensitive data.



Johann Lüppen from Abelssoft have let me know that they are running a giveaway of FileWing Pro until New Year’s Eve.

To grab a free copy:

  • Go to this page

File: FileWingPro.exe  (15.2Mb)

CRC-32: 48e6b302

MD4: 728a38afa799efd15b3baba34305d7f3

MD5: 95e02fd9eea23f6923f2d8ad5784559c

SHA-1: 6ae9af290c38a50a14d9fdb153ca52f7fa277225

  • Install it and after the installation you will receive a registration screen where after submitting necessary info you will receive a mail from software[at] with the license code. You need to register the software with that license.

If you are facing any problem in installing and registering the software post below and I will try to help you out.

Have a nice day.


    1. Have you installed the software before? even the free version! In that case you will be automatically upgraded with this installer.

  1. This my help
    FileWing will automatically ask you for this license code on its first start. If this is not the case, then FileWing has already recognized the code during the generation. In any case please save your license code at a safe place.

  2. Thanks Sujay. The registration screen was not popped up, so where do i can find the license code? (of course for next installing :D)

    1. Hi Oken! If you have installed FileWing free or Pro previously in your computer this time it will not ask for registration. Check your mail for previous FileWing registrations!

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