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Fileside: Sleek Multi-Pane File Manager, Free Full Version for Windows &Mac

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Fileside is a stylish program that makes it simple to manage your files through features like tiled folder panes, user-defined layouts, multiple conflict-handling strategies when rearranging items, and more.

It’s an alternate file browser for Mac and Windows computers. It solves fundamental problems, such as having to constantly open multiple windows, navigate down to the locations you need in each one, and then painstakingly resize and arrange them side by side to begin moving files around.

Fileside is perfect for users who want a simple way to store, sort, and retrieve their files. This program has everything you need to store and retrieve your files with ease.

Multi-window support, a sleek design, and a streamlined interface are just a few of the highlights of this app.

You can customize the way your files are stored and arranged, as well as view multiple folders side by side in the same window. Different colours indicate different layouts, and you can delete or rename them as needed. These structures are the optimal solution for gaining access to your content in the most convenient order.

Projects, content types, users, and workflows can all have their own customized layouts. Moreover, you can undo and redo specific actions, preview files using the Spacebar, bookmark specific folders, access the recent file history panel, and figure out how to merge duplicate items in a folder.

Fileside is a convenient tool for navigating your entire file system. It will display your data in the software just as you have it saved. It’s also possible to view the full path to every location and view hidden items at all times.

Featuring separate tabs for “favourite locations” and “recent locations,” the path bar is an ingenious navigational aid. With these choices at your disposal, you can quickly determine the optimal directory for your files’ relocation.

This file manager also supports hiding files, navigating and rearranging files with a drag-and-drop interface, and using a keyboard to perform all actions. The “Settings” tab allows you to change existing settings and set up brand-new shortcuts.

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Get Fileside Full Version for Free:

Update [October 1, 2023]:

Today, the Fileside 1.7.1 full version is available for free on the GOTD website for 24 hours.

Visit this to download the full version.



[Previous Giveaway version (V1.6.2)]

Depending on your system operating system (Windows/Mac), simply download the pre-activated installer from the links below and run it.

Windows: Link 1/ Link 2[58.4 MB]

Mac: Link 1/Link 2 [81.2 MB]

The above giveaway version installers are pre-activated. Simply run them and enjoy the full version.