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FileMenuTools 8.1: Free for a Year

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FileMenuTools 8.1 is an advanced Windows utility that enhances the functionality of the context menu, a.k.a. right-click menu, enabling users to perform various file operations with ease.

It encompasses a rich set of features that can streamline your file management, catering to everyone from casual computer users to power users.

Overview of FileMenuTools 8.1 :

When you right-click on a file or folder, the context menu will always appear. Whatever tasks you need to perform, this menu provides a few essential options to assist you.

The default context menu includes options like copying, pasting, deleting, and archiving. However, it is possible to enhance the context menu by adding more options that significantly improve efficiency and adaptability.

To broaden the options in the context menu, FileMenu Tools is an ideal tool. It allows you to easily customize your context menu by adding or removing commands based on your preferences.

Its user interface is straightforward, presenting a neat panel that showcases all the additional functions you can include.

FileMenuTools UI

Also, FileMenu Tools provides many integrated utilities that can upgrade your context menu with advanced abilities such as delete, find and replace, advanced renamer, change time, synchronize, change icon, join folders, delete empty folders, and more. You have the choice of applying these options to either files, folders, or a mix of the two.

To make room for these new functions, it will do slight modifications to your context menu’s appearance.

All default entries will receive icons, and it will create a new entry named after the app, featuring various combo menus based on your selection. Apart from these modifications, no other changes will be made.

FileMenuTools Context Menu

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Wide variety of shell extensions, which add functions to the Windows system shell. These extensions let you do stuff with files and folders, like renaming, moving, copying, encrypting, and deleting them. You can also use them to synchronize files, change icons, and do more advanced stuff like splitting and joining files. We can do easily these actions using the right-click menu.
  • FileMenu Tools’ user interface is simple and efficient. Users can customize the interface by organizing context menu commands into sub-menus and using custom commands.
  • Offers automation for bulk file actions like moving, renaming, and deleting. This feature of automation is great since it eliminates the need to do labour-intensive tasks manually.
  • The software supports Windows Vista, 7, 8, 10, and 11. FileMenu Tools smoothly integrates with the shell, offering a stable, glitch-free user experience regardless of the Windows version.


FileMenuTools 8.1 Giveaway:

Get the software by visiting this link:

Once downloaded, install the software and double-click the “Configure FileMenu Tools” shortcut on your desktop.

In the main menu of the application, click on “Help” and choose “License”.

Enter the provided license code below and click the “Activate License” button.

FileMenuTools License Code

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